I believe education is the single most important investment we make in our future.



Increase the foundation aid to rural school districts.


Move to a five-year funding cycle for schools.

  • Year-to-year funding makes it difficult for local and small districts to do effective long-term planning.


Increase collaboration with our higher education institutions throughout the state

  • Problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity are key ingredients for a successful career in the 21st century, and those skills can be developed cooperatively with our public schools and higher education institutions. 


Support vocational training for established programs along with curriculum for new, innovative careers.


Provide funding for local school district initiatives for early child intervention, including summer programs and early starts for younger grades as needed.


State exams should be used for understanding student needs, not for evaluating teachers.

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Farming is the core of our upstate economy, and the next generation can succeed with innovative approaches and technology that support the tradition of agriculture in the 121st Assembly District.



We can strengthen the farming business in New York by empowering our local institutions, such as CCE, Morrisville College, and CADE, that offer the first line of support and resources to farms.


Support initiatives that bring forward new industry partners to streamline the process to get products to end consumers. This allows local farms to claim a greater share of the value chain.


Review and align regulation with our friends and neighbors in nearby states.

  • Regulations, as needed with larger farms, can add costs that make it harder to compete. Make sure our regulations are consistent with current and best practices so our farmers are not burdened with processes that do not support the efficient operation of the smaller farm and continue the protection of land and consumers.


Increase access to capital so farms can retool and take hold of the opportunities for 21st century farming.

  • Farming is changing just like our economy, and there are investments needed to keep farms going. Access to capital is key. This means more grant money and low to zero interest loans to help our farms invest for and succeed in the future of agriculture.

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Now is the time to go all in on renewable energy. It is a source of new economies and jobs with the added advantage of preserving and protecting our environment for future generations.



Support transition of gas and coal plants to large scale solar and wind farm utilities.


Support funding for research and commercial development of renewable energy storage systems with a goal of large and small scale implementation.


Include state aid for municipalities and school districts to add solar panels to municipal land and buildings.

  • For schools, aid can be included with roof replacement bids to include solar panels.

  • For municipalities, aid can be used to install solar and/or wind on municipal land or on buildings as conditions allow.


Set incentives for large scale and cooperative purchases and implementation of energy savings systems, such as using electric buses as transportation solutions.


Extend energy-saving incentives for insulation in residential, municipal, and commercial buildings to reduce energy consumption and improve quality of life.


Secure funding so the benchmarks for a 2050 100% clean energy system can be realized.


Increase incentives for home weatherization programs that reduce energy demand.

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From improving infrastructure and strengthening our workforce to incentivizing entrepreneurs, we can not only sustain our long standing businesses, we can foster the growth of new industries.




Incentivize entrepreneurship in Upstate New York – create, build, and sustain 21st century industries.

  • Tax incentives and PILOTS are not enough. Capital is critical for startup businesses.  Let’s do more and invest directly in the businesses that are on the frontier of new  industry.

  • By investing in start-up businesses, we are investing in new industry that will create new jobs and new wealth, which will keep families and communities together.


Improve StartUp New York by making changes so the program realizes the full potential of its promise.

  • We need to continue this program with increased support. We can then expand the tax base by returning more land to the tax rolls and creating new businesses and jobs.

  • By improving StartUp NY to incentivize entrepreneurship we have the game changing ingredient to fully differentiate from other economic development plans and be the destination spot for entrepreneurship.


Expand broadband and cellular service to cover 100% of New York State.



I believe healthcare is a fundamental right and government must act to ensure it is accessible, efficient, and affordable for all.




Pass legislation to allow and encourage pharmacies to have convenient care clinics on site.


Secure funding to open school-based health clinics in every upstate school district.


Update regulation to allow new lab technicians more autonomy in labs. 


Pass legislation to standardize reimbursement rates to healthcare providers to allow for transparent, consistent pricing for services with all providers.


Create incentive-based plans to adopt technology-based solutions that enhance efficiency, lower operating costs, and deliver faster patient care.


Increase access to mental health services, including capacity for inpatient care.



I support the Second Amendment and your right and mine to own a gun. I want to take action where we all agree – to keep guns out of the hands of those who would use them irresponsibly and pose a danger to others.




Mandate background checks on all gun sales.

  • Technology can make this an easy and effective process that does not overly burden or infringe the rights of gun buyers.

I support the “red flag” law – it gives courts and law enforcement the opportunity to be proactive while also protecting due process rights.


The Safe Act does not need to be repealed, it needs to be fixed.

  • Update the definitions for features of guns that inadvertently make many guns unlawful yet do not pose an extraordinary risk to the public’s safety.

Read Dan's statement on NYS Attorney General Tish James' lawsuit against the NRA and its leadership.

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supporting FAMILIES


It is becoming more and more difficult to raise a family in Central New York, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can and should do more to ensure every family is supported.


Re-imagine public transportation. 

  • We do not have enough public transit options in rural areas, but new technology is opening doors of opportunity. 

  • We can re-imagine public transportation for the new century with smaller buses, electric vehicles, and ride-sharing programs that ensure all families get where they need to go, and at a lower cost than programs in use today.


Increase access to childcare. 

  • Expand eligibility for UPK, Head Start, and Early Head Start.


We must have more affordable housing.

  • There are many older structures that need renovation. 

  • The opportunity to update existing structures for single-family or multi-family use can be possible with packages of fair tax plans and grant funding, and administered by local agencies.


We need a broader strategy to providing services – a county by county approach is less effective.

  • Our Community Action Agencies largely work on a county by county basis, but our needs and opportunities are not bound by county lines. 

  • We can do more for families by building an inclusive model with a larger region that uses resources more efficiently.


Update job training programs to match the demand of our changing economy.

  • Expand BOCES vocational programs for adult education in trades that include new industries – green energy, high-tech manufacturing, craft food and beverage, and more.

  • Work for more alignment with our colleges, our public schools, and BOCES to ensure career tracks are supported from the classroom to the workplace – all right here in the 121st.