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"The endorsements here are from a wide range of community stakeholders.  Their endorsement means we are willing to work together, aside from political affiliation for the betterment of our Upstate communities.

I am honored to have their trust and support and will work every day to earn yours too."
2020 Endorsements for the Assembly 121st District


Congressman Antonio Delgado:


I am proud to announce my endorsement and support for Dan Buttermann in his campaign for New York’s 121st Assembly District. Dan and I share a strong commitment to serve our community through promoting small businesses, family farms, improvements in infrastructure, and action on climate change. I firmly believe Dan’s substantial record of community service will translate into a tireless resolve to serve the people of the 121st Assembly District.

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli:


Dan shares my drive and excitement for serving New York. I have known Dan for years, and each time we meet I am impressed with the work he is doing, from serving on the school board and the community action agency to delivering needed food to families with the United Way. Dan has the knowledge and the experience to be a great fit for the Assembly. I know he will work to ensure the financial health of our state by working with all stakeholders to nurture our upstate economy and protect our communities. He is already a trusted leader, and we can all count on him being an outstanding advocate for the 121st. I fully endorse Dan Buttermann for the New York State Assembly.

Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig:


I first met Dan when he joined Rotary in 2015. He joined for the same reasons as me - to do service to his community and to meet others with the same initiative. I have long been impressed by his ambition. He has accepted posts of trust in the community from the school board to Opportunities for Otsego, and even teaching a course at Hartwick College. I know he is the right representative for us in Albany because he comes with experience and ideas aimed at improving the well-being of all concerned and not a focus on political parties. I trust Dan is the right person to represent the Democratic Party on the ballot and the right representative for us all in Albany.

Mark Drnek, City of Oneonta Council, Ward 8:


As we navigate through and beyond the pandemic, we will need a leader in the Assembly with empathy and understanding of its impact on the community; someone who will being creativity and passion to solving the many problems and challenges that lie ahead. Beyond that, we need a representative who will identify and seize the opportunities that our new normal will present. I have confidence that Dan is the best, most qualified candidate for the 121st Assembly District, and he has my enthusiastic endorsement.

Jill Basile, Otsego County Board of Representatives, City of Oneonta, District 14:


I am supporting Dan for the NYS Assembly because Dan listens to people. Dan will be a representative for all of us, not just those in his party. Dan's life experiences in the business and education sectors will move our district forward for all citizens, especially once COVID passes. We'll need his hard working spirit and enthusiasm to move us forward. As an Otsego County legislator, I am looking forward to working with Dan in the future.

Liz Rickard, Hartwick:


I have known Dan for several years through his commitments to serving on the Oneonta school board, but I am writing now about his community leadership. He not only shows up and puts in the work, but also recruits others to join the effort too. He understands the needs of families in our region and has ideas to share and make things better for all in our communities. I fully support Dan as our next representative to the Assembly.

Luisa Montanti, City of Oneonta:


I am voting for Dan Buttermann to be our next Assembly member. As a democracy we must knock down the party lines and vote for the right person! Dan is the candidate with the fortitude and tenacity to resolve the ongoing issues that our communities are overcome by. He has shown creativity, collaboration, and ambition in his community service, and that is the leadership we need in Albany. Our business community needs support to grow and I know Dan, who is fair and honest, is the right person to advocate for us. He has the experience and all the qualifications to be an effective member of the Assembly. Vote for Dan on November 3rd!

Edward Keator Jr., Oneonta


I have known Dan for about four years. I have talked with him about many issues over that time and to me he has a very thorough grasp on what is important to those of us living in the 121st. Having run for the position of Otsego County Treasurer twice, and having served as the treasurer for the village of Cooperstown for almost four years, I feel Dan is the best choice for our region!

Adrienne Martini, Otsego County Board of Representatives, City of Oneonta, District 12:


I'm supporting Dan Buttermann for the NYS Assembly because he has clear goals for making our region an economic engine for the people who choose to live here. Like me, he sees education and heath care as key to improving lives and outcomes. the Diverse populations of the 121st deserve a state representative who will show up for all of us when it comes to pushing for our priorities at the state level.

Dan Crowell, Former Treasurer, Otsego County, 2010-2017:


The stakes are high and the issues are complex in the county and state interplay of funding public services, and Dan has greatly impressed me with his grasp of the issues, his capacity to keep pace with the evolution of difficult times, and his ability to put that knowledge to meaningful action for the benefit of our rural upstate district.  We need his work ethic, his character, and his energy more than ever in the coming years. I strongly encourage you to join me in Voting for Dan Buttermann for New York State Assembly's 121st District.

Ed Lentz, New Lisbon Town Supervisor:


Dan is ready to serve the 121st. He has done the homework, traveled the district, and worked to build productive relationships along the way. We need this in Albany - a representative who has shown an ability to compromise and work with others.


Dr. Benjamin Friedell, Family Physician & Community Leader:


I am supporting Dan for the NYS Assembly because he is committed to his community and has the right experience for the job. I serve on a local non-profit Board of Directors with Dan. He brings his concern for the less fortunate among us, his calm wisdom, and his sense of humor to a job that he takes seriously. I know he brings these attributes to his service on our local School Board as well.

​Ellen Tillapaugh, Mayor of Cooperstown:


I am delighted to support Dan, because I know he supports us. Since I first met Dan, I have been impressed by his service and involvement in our area. This is what we need in Albany - a partner who will serve each and every one of us. He has done the work, has the ideas, and is willing to listen to constituent needs.

Jeff Katz, Former Cooperstown Mayor:


I've known Dan for years. He's a great listener, engaged and active, and a thoughtful person. More than that, he's a good and decent man, exactly the kind of person we need in the Assembly. I fully endorse Dan Buttermann for Assembly in the 121st District.

Kim Muller, Former Mayor, City of Oneonta:


Over the many years that I've known Dan, I've respected and enjoyed the work that he's done in our community. As a candidate for the Assembly, he's done the same across the district. He shows up, he listens, and he acts. He has earned our trust and confidence and he'll carry that to Albany to work for all of us. Dan is the right person to be our representative. Vote for Dan Buttermann!

Kaytee Lipari Shue, City of Oneonta Common Council, Ward 4:


I'm proud to support Dan for Assembly. His first-hand experience with our education system has driven him to create specific plans to help better fund our schools, especially in rural areas, all across the district. I know he will be a strong advocate for us in the Assembly, because as a parent, this district and its schools are important to him, too.


Clark Oliver, Otsego County Board of Representatives, City of Oneonta, District 11:


I'm supporting Dan Buttermann because he is showing up for Oneonta and the communities throughout NY-121. In addition to his comprehensive policy proposals, Dan has proven he is willing to put in the work to carry his campaign through to the general election. The 121st District  deserves an Assemblyman with integrity and a hard-working spirit. I believe Dan is that candidate.

Steve Polgar, Oneonta High School grad, NYS Assembly District 3 candidate:


As an Oneonta native, it is great to see Dan's commitment to the community and especially to education. I can't wait to have a partner in the Assembly next year that will speak truth to power and will fight for the people of New York every single day. In these uncertain times, we need a pro-science representative that will help keep us safe.

Danny Lapin, Otsego County Representative District 13, City of Oneonta,

Wards 5 & 6:


Dan Buttermann has demonstrated that he is the most qualified candidate to serve the 121st Assembly District. Dan has a true passion to make New York State a leader in our fight against climate change. Dan's unique skill set, experience, and dedication to the residents of the 121st will make him a strong voice for rural communities in Albany.




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