Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig:

I first met Dan when he joined Rotary in 2015. He joined for the same reasons as me - to do service to his community and to meet others with the same initiative. I have long been impressed by his ambition. He has accepted posts of trust in the community from the school board to Opportunities for Otsego, and even teaching a course at Hartwick College. I know he is the right representative for us in Albany because he comes with experience and ideas aimed at improving the well-being of all concerned and not a focus on political parties. I trust Dan is the right person to represent the Democratic Party on the ballot and the right representative for us all in Albany.

New Lisbon Town Supervisor Ed Lentz:

Dan is ready to serve the 121st. He has done the homework, traveled the district, and worked to build productive relationships along the way. We need this in Albany - a representative who has shown an ability to compromise and work with others.

Dorothy "Dot" Willsey, Peterboro Community Leader:

Five years ago next week, at a weekly morning meeting of Eaton Democrats, Dan Buttermann expressed interest in one day serving in the New York State Assembly. Dan says that meeting solidified his interest to pursue the office. He has been educating himself for the position ever since.


Dan spends time in Madison County for political meetings, social gatherings, and historical events – often bringing his delightful daughters with him. He engages with enthusiasm and interest whatever the activity may be. He values the people he meets and remembers and asks for them when he returns.


Dan carefully studies the issues in the district and in the state, and is articulate in expressing his positions and ideas. He is also an eager, active, and respectful listener about conditions and perspectives from the folks who live here. I am confident that Dan will be a strong presence and voice throughout the 121st Assembly District and committed to communicating in a multitude of ways to inform his constituents.


Dan has been learning and preparing for sixty months to be an excellent legislator. Running for office is not a recent decision. Mindful of a correct time to run for office, Dan respectfully waited out two election years, and is ready for action on his first day in Albany.


Dan’s time has come.

Our time has come to send Dan Buttermann to Albany where he will represent the 121st with class, concern, and care.

Dr. Benjamin Friedell, Family Physician & Community Leader:

I am supporting Dan for the NYS Assembly because he is committed to his community and has the right experience for the job. I serve on a local non-profit Board of Directors with Dan. He brings his concern for the less fortunate among us, his calm wisdom, and his sense of humor to a job that he takes seriously. I know he brings these attributes to his service on our local School Board as well.

Joe and Carole Valesky, Oneida Community Leaders

Max Smith, Former City of Oneida Mayor:

Dan has prepared and committed to this goal for years. He has regularly attended and participated in events in and around our county. He is no newcomer. Please reward his dedication and commitment.

Ellen Tillapaugh, Mayor of Cooperstown:

I am delighted to support Dan, because I know he supports us. Since I first met Dan, I have been impressed by his service and involvement in our area. This is what we need in Albany - a partner who will serve each and every one of us. He has done the work, has the ideas, and is willing to listen to constituent needs.

Jeff Katz, Former Cooperstown Mayor:

I've known Dan for years. He's a great listener, engaged and active, and a thoughtful person. More than that, he's a good and decent man, exactly the kind of person we need in the Assembly. I fully endorse Dan Buttermann for Assembly in the 121st District.

Ann Jones, Town of Fenner:

I am always impressed with Dan's ability to "connect the dots," always able to call upon people who can help him get a project underway, and to create a sense of community for a project. While he possesses the skills, communication, and drive to take on a venture of his own, he believes that by working together we can overcome any problem. This district is composed of hard workers with strong values, and Dan will be the voice in Albany fighting for families and strengthening our community.

Doug Weaver, Business Owner, Town of Sullivan:

As the owner of a small business located in the 121st Assembly District, I support Dan Buttermann for Assembly! In the time that I have known Dan, I have found him to be a man of his word and someone that I trust to get things done. Dan is committed to growing the economy in our community. He is focused on economic development, with a keen eye on preserving the environment for future generations. Our region has beautiful waterways, forests, and farms which offer not only aesthetic charm, but also contribute a great deal of money to our local economy. Dan’s commitment to supporting the growth of local business while preserving our vast natural resources makes him the best choice to represent the 121st District in Albany.

Kim Muller, Former Mayor, City of Oneonta:

Over the many years that I've known Dan, I've respected and enjoyed the work that he's done in our community. As a candidate for the Assembly, he's done the same across the district. He shows up, he listens, and he acts. He has earned our trust and confidence and he'll carry that to Albany to work for all of us. Dan is the right person to be our representative. Vote for Dan Buttermann!

Kaytee Lipari Shue, City of Oneonta Common Council, Ward 4

I'm proud to support Dan for Assembly. His first-hand experience with our education system has driven him to create specific plans to help better fund our schools, especially in rural areas, all across the district. I know he will be a strong advocate for us in the Assembly, because as a parent, this district and its schools are important to him, too.

Tammy Hayes, Town of Nelson:

Dan Butterman is the strongest candidate for the 121st District. Dan has shown that he is committed to the residents of Madison, Otsego, and Oneida counties that he would represent in Albany. He has been to my home to meet with our local committee to hear our concerns regarding energy conservation, criminal justice reform, and election laws. With the COVID 19 isolation and separation concerns Dan changed quickly to use social media to remain involved within in the community. This is the leadership that is needed in Albany -adaptable, engaged, and informed.

John Nichols, City of Oneida:

Dan Buttermann is a family man. We are all part of his extended family. His commitment to his community and his knowledge of what it takes to support people makes him the best candidate. He cares. That's important these days. He is my friend and I urge you to vote for him.

Clark Oliver, Otsego County Board of Representatives, City of Oneonta, District 11:

I'm supporting Dan Buttermann because he is showing up for Oneonta and the communities throughout NY-121. In addition to his comprehensive policy proposals, Dan has proven he is willing to put in the work to carry his campaign through to the general election. The 121st District  deserves an Assemblyman with integrity and a hard-working spirit. I believe Dan is that candidate.

Steve Polgar, Oneonta High School grad, NYS Assembly District 3 candidate:

As an Oneonta native, it is great to see Dan's commitment to the community and especially to education. I can't wait to have a partner in the Assembly next year that will speak truth to power and will fight for the people of New York every single day. In these uncertain times, we need a pro-science representative that will help keep us safe.

Danny Lapin, Otsego County Representative District 13, City of Oneonta,

Wards 5 & 6:

Dan Buttermann has demonstrated that he is the most qualified candidate to serve the 121st Assembly District. Dan has a true passion to make New York State a leader in our fight against climate change. Dan's unique skill set, experience, and dedication to the residents of the 121st will make him a strong voice for rural communities in Albany.


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