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I come from a family of entrepreneurs.  My grandfather owned an ice cream making company, and my parents have owned a candle-making business for 50 years!  My brothers and I got to work in the business just as soon as we could.   We participated in all parts of the business - made the candles - sold the candles - everything and anything to make the family dream real.  It was a dream not just for us, but for the company employees.  It might be labeled a small business but it was a big deal to each person that worked there.  This is the experience and perspective I bring as a candidate.  We need representatives that understand the requirements of running a business of any size.

My parents supported me and my brothers, including my love for playing the clarinet which started in middle school.  I still play today and would love to see you at a concert!  My Dad is also a musician and played with the Kiwanis Jug Band for many years.  As a teenager, I even got to play for former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor with his band!

It was the joy of playing music that inspired me to study music at the University of Arizona, which is where I met my wife, Ana Laura, also a music student.  We were married in 2007, just after Ana Laura graduated.  We moved to Texas so I could attend Southern Methodist University where I earned an MBA degree in 2010.

In 2011, Ana and I moved to Oneonta where we are proudly raising our three girls.  We are both active in the community.  The depth of my involvement in community affairs, and the diversity of community work I have done in the past, helped to shape my perspectives and ideas to work with communities across Central New York to be ready for a vibrant future.  Please watch the videos below to learn more about my background and why I want to represent you in the New York State Assembly.

Family Business

My parents started a candle-making business in 1971.  That was my first job.  That experience has shaped my view more than any other business experience.

My goal is to put this experience to work supporting family businesses across Central New York.

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