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Dear Friends,

Family farms are struggling, job growth lags behind other parts of the state, and people are moving out of New York in greater numbers than from any other state. The future of our community is at risk. Now is the time for investments in infrastructure, new energy systems, education fit for 21st century needs, and businesses that will be sustainable for many generations. Now is the time to look forward to how things can be, not back at how they were.

I serve on the Oneonta City School District Board, where I’ve talked with parents, teachers, administrators, and students about their needs and ideas. I’m a member of the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce, where I’ve talked with our local business owners about their concerns and ideas for how New York State can help, not hinder, local business growth. I’m also a member of the Farm Bureau, where I learned about the struggles of our local family farms, and what needs to be done to ensure that those farms stay in family hands for future generations. I am also proudly employed as a claims manager at NYCM Insurance.  

Working with these groups has helped me understand our farming and business communities, and I’m ready to take the knowledge and experience to Albany to advocate for the changes we need. The current restrictive policies that position us against Albany and our friends and neighbors across the state aren’t working.

I am running for New York State’s 121st Assembly District because I love the community we live in.  I respectfully ask for your support and vote as your next Assemblyman.


Dan Buttermann

For NY 121


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